What is the SFC Network?


SFC Network was created to provide live streaming video for the high schools of the South Fork  Conference.


Where does the money go?


All of the money from the pay-per-view events go to each school’s athletic department much like buying a ticket at your home school to attend a game.  Each school also can solicit businesses in their area to support their athletic department.



How can my business be a part of the SFC Network?


Just contact your local school’s athletic department for details on sponsorships.



What device can I use to watch a game?


Any device that supports a web browser will generally work to watch a live stream.  This includes iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, smart TVs and more.  SFCNetwork also has a ROKU app available in the ROKU store.  Each purchase can be watched on a single device.


How do I pick a game to watch?


3 steps.  Choose your school.  Choose your sport.   Chose your game.  Then you’ll see instructions on how to purchase a single game ticket.



Can I buy a season pass to all the games?


Because of the unpredictability of schedules during COVID,  only single game tickets are available at this time.

What does my ticket purchase include?

Each ticket purchase is for all of the days games at that home school event.  For example: a Maiden ticket includes both JV and Varsity volleyball games at Maiden that afternoon. OR  Both JV girls/boys and Varsity girls/boys Basketball games at Maiden that afternoon.  It's the same as if you had bought a ticket at the door at your school

If I attend the game can I live stream it on my phone to social media or other websites?

The short answer is: 

Live Stream? NO.  

Photograph or Record for your personal use?  YES 

You are free to take pictures and video of your student athlete to preserve those special memories. According to the NCHSAA  "You are not allowed to live stream the games on social media or other websites. The media rights to all games held by the home school and the SFC Network.  Any unauthorized broadcast or webcast of the visual or audio accounts, depictions or descriptions of this game without consent of the home school is strictly prohibited. All spectator videotaping and photography is for personal, non-commercial use only and must be done with the understanding that the video or still images shall not be duplicated, sold, or distributed through any medium such as television or the internet."